Can Heat Pumps Reduce Energy Bills

Heat Pump Repair

Can Heat Pumps Reduce Energy Bills

Instead of generating heat, heat pumps move heat, and work together with the furnace. In summer they function as a central air conditioner. Choosing a new high-efficiency heat pump is the way to go, as they can save plenty on energy bills.HVAC Repair - Heat Pump
Our air conditioning repair technicians are specially trained to handle these advanced units, so never fear. We have the knowledge, training,a nd experience you need to get your system back up and running be it regular or emergency air conditioning repair. How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Air source heat pumps are the most common, as they are inexpensive and installation is easy. Heat pumps work by pumping a liquid refrigerant through coil tubing, which vents heat from inside the house to the outside. As the liquid flows through the coil, it expands and becomes a gas which absorbs heat from the surrounding air. A blower then sends the air around the cooled coil, and passes through the ducts and into the house. In the winter, the process is reversed. Comparing Heat Pumps To Furnaces

Heat pumps use clean electric energy, unlike furnaces which use fossil fuels like propane. Some furnaces use natural gas. When used alone, furnaces use a lot of electricity, mainly due to the fan working constantly. Heat pumps will usually keep the house warm when the temperature is in the 30s or above. If it falls below freezing, a furnace will do a better job. Air conditioning repair for your heat pump is simple and easy when you choose a good system. Dual Fuel Systems – Sometimes Called Hybrid Systems

A dual fuel heat pump works with either a new or existing forced air furnace. During the summer, it does the work of an air conditioner, transferring heat from the house to the outside air. In the winter, it brings heat from the outside air into the house. When the temperature is around the freezing mark, the forced air furnace will kick in. Both work together to keep heating in constant control. All of these systems can benefit from our air duct cleaning.

Although the cost of a dual fuel system is higher than central air conditioning, it will pay for itself with lower electric bills, as the heat pump will do the work for most of the year. Also, the cost of propane or natural gas for a furnace is highest in winter. Have a certified technician do a home evaluation and a heat loss calculation to decide what unit size is best for your house. For more information on this or other air conditioning repair services please click the link or o straight to Miami heat pump repair.
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