Month: June 2018

For Tree Service Call

For Tree Service Call

Tree care specialists can deal with many heavy-duty jobs like cutting overgrown trees, tree removal, removal of broken limbs, etc. But one of the main jobs which needs a professional tree service company for its completion, is tree trimming. Here are the benefits you can experience, if you hire professional arborists deal with such a project:Tree services

Expert tree maintenance – If you don’t trim a tree properly you may stunt its growth. Improper chemical treatments can also kill a tree. Proper tree trimming will enable a tree to maintain its beauty and proper growth for many years to come.

Oversized tree concerns – The shade of a large tree may be ideal for your yard, but it can cause serious health hazards. Oversized trees have heavy branches. If these branches fall over your vehicle, parked in your yard, or even worse, over your home, they will inflict a lot of damage.

Trees harming your sewage system – Large trees will extend their roots and they can easily grow in the sewage system. Tree roots in the sewage can cause serious backups and even domestic floods.

Trees entangled in power lines – A large branch can easily destroy a power grid and can cause loss of life due to electrical grounding through the tree.

Hiring professional tree trimmers can reduce many of these serious dangers. Booking the services of expert arborists can provide you with:

– safety equipment for proper tree removal or cutting,

– trained specialists who know how to trim a tree safely, so it continues to grow healthy,

– expert trimming methods that will ensure the balance of the branches and weight of the trees in your yard or around your property, etc.
Do you have an ugly looking tree stump in your yard? Is a stump you haven’t removed posing a risk for your underground plumbing or electricity system? If you’re experiencing such issues and would like to have that problematic stump removed, we at J & S Tree Services can do it for you. Our stumps removal services are second-to-none in St Paul, MN, as we have specialized in stump and tree removal for the last 29 years.Call us now on (651) 321-1124!Without the proper equipment, removing tree stumps can be an impossible task. No amount of digging or chopping at the stump is going to allow you to easily remove it. Some do-it-yourselfers will use potassium nitrate to rot the tree from the inside out. However, this still requires you to break up the stump with an axe. A much more efficient way is to have a professional use a stump grinder. Although stump grinders come in a few different varieties, they all operate in a similar manner. Firstly, they are gasoline powered. An electric version simply would not have the necessary power to get the job done. Each stump grinder comes equipped with a spinning disc that has a number of steel carbide teeth. It is these teeth that are responsible for destroying the stump. Little by little, the disc’s teeth chip away at the stump as the disc spins until eventually nothing remains. The disc can be maneuvered to account for different sizes of stumps. Some stump grinders can be rented. These are usually small enough that even a person without training can take care of smaller-sized stumps. We also offer a professional brush removal service at a low price!tree trimming

However, for removing a stump of a mature tree, bigger grinders will be necessary. Because of its size and specifications, untrained professionals should not operate such equipment, as doing so could pose a hazard for them. This is where we at J & S Tree Services come in. Because of safety reasons, only an individual with a lot of previous experience using an industrial-sized grinder should employ one for destroying the unnecessary stump in your yard. When you request a stumps removal service from us, you can be sure that no matter how big or small the project is, we will handle it. Our quote serves as a guarantee of our commitment towards successfully finishing your project. Not only do we have the equipment necessary to take care of the stump, but we also have the professionals trained to run that equipment. This is the absolute safest way to remove tree stumps in your yard and is also the easiest one for you. Don’t worry about breaking a sweat, because we will handle all of the labor. If you are interested in our stumps removal services, please feel free to contact us.